Dry Needling

How dry needling can help you
Cameron Barker Naturopath Gold Coast

What is dry needling

Dry needling is a modality of body work that uses acupuncture needles to release trigger points in the muscle. Also known as myofascial trigger point needling, it is commonly used by physiotherapists and some massage therapists. Dry needling is different to acupuncture as it does not focus on Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis and treatment, rather it only helps release muscles that are tight or hypertonic. Due to the needles penetrating the skin, it can quickly release muscle soreness and spasm right at the trigger point.


What conditions can be treated by dry needling?

Any muscle or joint pain can be relieved by dry needling. Dry needling can also help treat conditions that can be related to tight muscles such as headaches. The most common conditions we treat with dry needling are shoulder, back and neck pain. However any joint and muscles that are painful can be treated.


What does a dry needling treatment involve?

Dry needling involves a quick assessment of the joint and muscles that are affected. The person will be seated or asked to lay on a massage table to be treated. After feeling for the trigger point or most painful part of the area, needles will be inserted into the muscle. Sometimes the muscle will spasm which is a positive sign. This shows that the muscle is releasing. Massage is sometimes used in addition to dry needling in order to achieve the full benefit of the therapy. It is common to feel a little tender after the treatment, however this is also a good sign showing that the treatment has worked.


What qualifications do dry needling practitioners need?

Dry needling courses are only offered to qualified health professionals who have a deep understanding of the human body. Therapists such as naturopaths, osteopaths, physiotherapists, remedial massage therapists and chiropractors commonly partake in dry needling courses as additional training.

Cameron works out of his Gold Coast clinic and is a fully qualified naturopath and dry needling practitioner. He has achieved proven results for his patients who often experience significantly reduced pain due to his dry needling treatments.

Do you have a sore back, neck or shoulders? Recurring muscle pain or debilitating headaches? These are all ailments that can be effectively treated through dry needling.