About Me

Gold Coast based naturopath + dry needling practitioner

I have been passionate about health and fitness since my early teens. I started working in the health industry ten years ago as a personal trainer and have never looked back. Drawing on my love for cooking and quality local produce, I decided to become a Naturopath and studied at a university level.

During my uni days I struggled with a chronic health condition and at one point was bed ridden for two months. After seeing countless specialists and spending thousands of dollars on surgeries and consultations, I was no closer to a diagnosis. I realised I was the only person that would invest the time required into researching my condition and took it upon myself to find the answers. After one year of rest and endless hours of research, I was able to re-enrol at university and completed my degree with honours.

I have experienced the challenges of a debilitating health condition and as a result I can bring empathy to each consultation I have with patients. Even though I spend hours researching and developing my knowledge, I believe this is the greatest gift I have to offer my patients.

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Cameron Barker Naturopath Gold Coast